About blondegeek.net
Welcome to blondegeek.net Version 5.0 The Web Store Version (We've gone through 5 redesigns since the day it was launched on March 14th 2004.). Finally, this website has a purpose: To bring you very nerdy and unique t-shirts! This "About" page is a general overview of important things dealing with being a web store. For a more detailed page about the actually people who run the website and come up with this stuff, go to the about page under "multi-media".


Should you need to contact us regarding your order (returns and related business) do not hesitate to contact us at blondegeek@blondegeek.net . Please include a subject with your e-mail pertaining to the situation. This e-mail address is also the address you would if you just wanted to say "hi". We love to hear from our visitors! If you wish to make a t-shirt request if you could not find the size, color, or style in a particular design you wanted please visit the "Request-A-Shirt" page.

Privacy Policy

In regards to credit card information and money related information, since we use PayPal to handle all our credit card processing we do not have any of this information. The information that we do store (name, address, e-mail, information about the actual orders, etc.) are ONLY used to contact you regarding your order and getting your order to you. We do not give your information to anyone such as spammers and other fairly annoying organizations/groups.


If you wish to return an item first contact us at blondegeek@blondegeek.net so we can handle a return on your payment. Shipping back to blondegeek will be at your expense.