Hi there! My name is Tess and blondegeek is my nerdy, pun-tastic t-shirt company. All the shirts you see on the site are original designs, conceptualized and drawn out by my friends and me. As you’ve probably noticed, the designs are wordplays on actual academic topics: science, mathematics, music, darn standardized tests or other symbols of a fairly geeky nature. I certainly hope you like them as much as I enjoy making them.

So, a little bit about the site and me. While I’ve had blondegeek.net as a personal website since March 14th 2004 (yes, that would be Pi Day), blondegeek as a company has existed since the summer of 2006 (between my junior and senior years in high school). Since then, blondegeek's stock has traveled with me. First, we made the journey from southern California to MIT. Then after four intense years, countless problem sets, and a S.B. in Physics with a minor in Architecture later, we are now in Berkeley where I'm physics graduate student at Cal. Currently, blondegeek's stock is nestled next to my growing collection of physics textbooks. If you experience a sudden understanding of quantum mechanics, cosmology, electromagnetism, or other delicious physics topics after wearing recently purchased blondegeek merchandise, the proximity of that item to the respective physics textbooks and the laws of diffusion are to blame. :)

If you have any questions regarding blondegeek, shirts, MIT, UC Berkeley, physics, architecture, anything… just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you!

If you are interested in learning a bit more about what I do besides designing and selling t-shirts, hop over to my blog, my design page, or my physics page.

The rest of this page contains useful information pertaining to orders and blondegeek's privacy policy.


Please send all inquires about blondegeek, orders, exchanges, and returns to blondegeek-AT-blondegeek.net. (Make sure to replace -AT- with @)

Privacy Policy:

Since we use PayPal to handle all our credit card processing we do not keep records of credit card information. The information that we do store (name, address, e-mail, information about the actual orders, etc.) are ONLY used to contact you regarding your order and getting your order to you. We do not give your information to anyone such as spammers and other fairly annoying organizations/groups.

Exchanges and Returns:

If you wish to exchange or return an item, first contact us at blondegeek@blondegeek.net so we can handle a return on your payment. Shipping back to blondegeek will be at your expense unless we have made a mistake in filling out your order.

Updated 2013.01.10