Design Documents

Tess E. Smidt

materials / design / neutrinos

Cosmic Ray Chandelier

Homepage for the Cosmic Ray Chandeliers
Description and link to media for the Cosmic Ray Chandeliers installation at MIT.
June 2012

Proposal for a Cosmic Ray Chandelier
Original Proposal to MIT Art Council to construct Cosmic Ray Chandelier. Includes artistic CV.
October 2010

Movie of Cosmic Ray Chandelier at Night
June 2011

Photomultiplier Tube Support Structure for MicroBooNE

PMT Support Rack for MicroBooNE
Talk given at MicroBooNE Collaboration PMT System Review
February 2011

Architecture Coursework

Architecture Design Fundamentals Final Portfolio
Collection of work from a four-week intesive architecture studio.
January 2011

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