Your FM7 Tees
FM7 FM7 If you happen to be of the age group 12-30 or have otherwise been exposed to such young persons, you have most likely heard the suggestive phrase "that's what she said" and the less common but equally effective phrase of "your face" used in casual conversations as a source of much jocular recreation, usually at the expense of another person. In standard musical notation, an F major 7 (FM7) chord consists of an F, an A, a C and an E. This just so happens to spell out FACE. Let FM7 = FACE, use some fancy substitution and what do you get? Your FM7! Now you can strut your music theory know-how and will always be prepared to throw out a clever "Your face!" comment! The back of the shirt shows an FM7 chord and two half notes battling it out on a treble staff. Girl shirts come in a lovely heather aqua color and guy shirts in a classic mid-gray.